5 things to pay attention to when creating a computer club from scratch

If you're thinking about opening your own internet cafe and you think that all you need for this is a place, game PCs, a couple of consoles and a computer club management program, we're going to disappoint you. This business is more complicated than it seems, and, in addition to gaming platforms, you should get other useful and important things. But don't worry – five useful tips about what else your computer club needs are given in this article.

5. Place

For some reason, everyone is drawn to the city centre when opening a computer club. However, in addition to high rental rates, there is another disadvantage: there is not so many of your target audience. It's much more convenient to stay close to where your prospective clients are located – schools, campuses, dormitory areas or large shopping malls, where weekend dads like to bring their offsprings. But a good place is half the battle. Make sure your institution has a theme design that is visible from afar, and this will help increase the flow of your customers several times.

4. Promotion

Paid online advertising and a couple of posters are not enough to prove yourself. There should be a lot - but not too much - of you in the information field of your potential audience. Create trigger emails and newsletters, run your club's pages on social media, and print exclusive posters. And, of course, adapt the site of your institution to work with mobile devices. By the way, the site should be simple and clear, and ideally – to allow the user to book a computer or console.

3. Bar and mod cons

If your guests want to eat or drink, it's in your best interest to meet their needs. Otherwise, instead of playing, they may get up and leave in search of food. In addition to the bar and snacks, make sure you make a partnership agreement with a pizza delivery or nearby fast food. Nothing expands your client base like mutual discounts and a general discount program. Another good idea – branded cocktails or a range of drinks that can not be found in the mass market.

2. Games

Don't underestimate the importance of games in your pool. If all you have to offer your players is StarCraft II and Heroes III, don't be surprised that the flow of visitors to your institution is comparable to a creek in drought. Make sure that your club always has both the latest of the game world and the most popular brands. Another important point is to provide your visitors with the opportunity to play licensed products so that they can participate in tournaments and earn achievements. You can do this without buying a license for each computer – just get a managing system.

1. Management program

A program that allows the manager to switch computers and consoles on and off, the accountant to see the receipt and expenditure, and the owner to determine at any time how things are going and what to look for. Ideally, a program for computer clubs should support a good kernel, which will help to find out which game zones and at what time are popular or idle, and what games should be removed. A really good program, in addition to all of the above, allows you to distribute licenses for games to save on purchases. Thus, the use of multifunctional management program is one of the most important elements of the computer club today.

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