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How to add new content to Senet User Interface

  1. To go to the menu for editing of the internet center content click “Content” in the menu on the left.
  2. To add a new application, click “Add an application”.
  3. Fill in the “Link name” field. This name will be displayed under the shortcut of the game.
  4. Fill in the “Full link name” field. This name will be displayed in the description of the content.
  5. Fill in the “Application address” field indicating the full path to the executed file (*.exe).
  6. If to start an application you need to use additional parameters, fill in the “Start parameters”field (For example to start Google Chrome browser in the incognito mode print “/incognito” without quotation marks).
  7. Fill in the “Address for saved files” to provide the users with the access to the folder which the application uses for saving data (For example, the game saved files).
  8. In the “Section” drop-down menu, select the section where the application shortcut will be located.
  9. Add an icon which will be displayed in the user interface by clicking “Choose a file” in the “Icon” field. The optimal icon is a .png file with a resolution of at least 121 х 121 pixels.
  10. If you need to choose the genre of the game, choose the necessary options from the “Genre”drop-down menus. If there is no genre you need on the menu, save the new genre in the field on the right.
  11. In order for the search to be easier, use tags. Add a tag for an application from the “Tag” drop-down list. If there is no tag you need in the list, save the new tag in the field on the right.
  12. To display the shortcut in the clubs put flags near the names of the clubs where the application will be available. If you take off all the flags and save changes, the shortcut won`t be displayed in any internet center. Thus, you can disable the display of the shortcut in the computer center or centers without removing it from the content, for a time until this application is available.
  13. Complete the “Description” field, if you need to add the description of the application (game). You can leave registration links in the “Description” field in order to facilitate access of users to certain applications, for example to private online game servers.
  14. To download screenshots, press “Choose files” in the section for screenshot adding.
  15. To save the settings, click “Add application” at the bottom of the page.
Note. Each application must have a cover and not only an icon. You can add the application cover while adding a new application.
  1. To download the cover, add a new application to the content, saving the changes.
  2. Go to the page for editing the application by clicking on its name in the list of all applications in the “Content” section.
  3. Click “Choose file” in the “Picture” field and choose the application cover you need.

The optimal option of the picture for the cover is a .png file of at least 240 х 208 pixels with a transparent background.

Winuser Menu

This menu allows you to install the user on behalf of which the application will be launched. If the system has restrictions for users, and a particular application requires advanced rights to run (for example, Steam), install a user with sufficient access rights in this menu to run this application.

If the application does not require advanced user rights to work or the user rights are unlimited, leave this item unchanged.

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