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How to use RegEdit module

The RegEdit module allows applying unified registry settings of the Windows OS registers on all client machines. Entries are applied when the shell is launched.

  1. Got to the page for creation and editing of reg-files by clicking the “RegEdit” link in the menu on the left.
  2. To add new reg-file click “Add a file”.
  3. In the upper field choose the club for which the reg-file will be used.
  4. In the next menu choose the user for whom the reg-file will be used.
  5. Specify the name of the reg-file in the following format: “UserName.reg”. For example, if you create a reg-file for “user” user, then the file name should be “user.reg”.
  6. In the field “Code” indicate necessary entries to add to the register. The format of entries corresponds to the standard format of entries in the Windows OS registry.
  7. To save the file click “Create a file”.

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