Internet cafes and Cyber clubs are in the history, you say?

Nope! They transform!

From places, where students used to spend their time instead of staying at school, to the “men caves” where people are having their time to rest from everyday routine, to the arenas, where worldwide eSport tournaments are held.

Such places are more than alive, if they are managed by high professionals, who love their business, such as our new partner - Zlatoslava. She is the owner of Smile – the cyber club. And here is her story.
The “Smile” was founded in 2008, and in 2014 it was almost on the verge of closure. So Zlatoslava decided to take a risk and try to make a fresh start. It was a hard thing to do. A small number of internet cafes where still in the business in Odessa at that time. Hard times. For the most part, the marginal audience of such establishments pushed the players and visitors away. So Zlatoslava had to work hard to earn the trust of her customers.

The hardware was consistently updated, all the details were under control. All the customers had to have the best service and conditions in the cyber club. And it has been built with love for years.
Nowadays, you can see people from 10 to 70 y.o. in here. Sailors (Odessa is a seaport), gamers, scholars, students, tourists, and just locals. Some of them is watching movies, some – Skyping, a lot of guys are coming to play. The tourists, usually, spending their time on the dating websites. Husbands is a specific category. They come to the cyber cafe to have some rest from their working and family routine, and they usually been taken away by their wives almost in no time.

After 4 years since then, Zlatoslava is certain – Cyber clubs will stay alive! People are communicating here, meeting new friends, having their time off.

“If you will take care of the hardware, the site, your guests – the club will be beloved and will make it through the years,” she said.

Since last year, Zlatoslava is our client and a partner. We are really proud to have such partners and are always happy for their success and achievements!

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