FPS Center
FPS Center in Warsaw opened in January 2022 but has already become an important educational and charity point for international gamers.

How a gaming venue becomes a community leader

About FPS Center

From the very beginning, FPS Center positions itself as a space built specifically for the thriving esports community. That is why gaming hardware isn’t the only thing the center is proud of – social responsibility comes as important as their computers’ fps rate.

Let's see the hardware, though

21 custom workstations

World’s most powerful graphics card
Nvidia RTX 3090 OC

Top-rated gaming processor
Intel 10900KF OC

World’s fastest monitor
Asus ROG Swift 360hz

Casual gaming Bootcamps LAN parties Educational activities
Special events Tournaments and
TV production and
online streaming
GPU/CPU distributed

Day Center by AMD

In cooperation with AMD, FPS Center have become a first SENET subscriber that provided its venue for refugee support.

Day Center by AMD is a non-profit initiative of FPS Center, aimed to support Ukrainians in their adaptation to life in Poland after they fled war in their own country.

From May 30, 2022 till June 30, 2022, Ukrainian kids and adults can visit FPS Center and use its facilities for free. Children can attend trainings with professional esports coaches, play favorite games, while adults might use FPS Center computers for job seeking, remote work, and language learning.

On-site Ukrainian-speaking attendants are ready to help out if any questions arise. Snacks and soft drinks are also included into the free offering of the venue.

32 1000+ 458
days visitors new registered users

How FPS Center is building a community around esports

Since its opening in January 2022, FPS Center has been active in events organization and partnerships. That includes work with top Polish esports teams AVEZ and PSQ, as well as Polish Esports League and esports organization LDN UTD.

During its first month of operation, FPS Center was already taking part in a nation-wide fundraiser for the support of public healthcare in Poland – The Grand Finale of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation.

Gaming nights every Saturday, regular Fortnite and LoL competitions at FPS Center are shaping a positive image for modern gaming, educating gaming enthusiasts and their peers about esports, and creating a loyal community around the venue.


How FPS Center uses SENET

We're beyond proud to support FPS Center with our services. ENESTECH has Ukrainian origins with a big part of the team located in Kyiv, that's why social activism of FPS Center resonates with us. It is gratifying to see that gaming venues are not just mere spots for leisure, but rather are social hubs that unite communities, both locally and globally.
Elchin Aliyev
We are grateful to ENESTECH for joining our project and providing software with full technical support. SENET software enabled all guests to conveniently access the studio computers - thank you for that! Day Center by AMD proved that a gaming club can be a community center and used not only for gaming. Besides playing on world-class PCs, visitors can attend language courses, obtain information about their stay, insurance, education, and attend weekly free esport classes. We want Ukrainians to visit our studio and find opportunities to integrate and get real support in this difficult time.
Marcin Czeczot
Founder, FPS Center
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