Reserve a gaming seat via MoMo


Reserve a gaming seat via MoMo

SENET now is available in Vietnam! Leading management software for esports venues have been translated into the Vietnamese language, offering maximum convenience for local business owners and gamers. We’re hoping that gaming cafes in Vietnam will find SENET useful for day-to-day operations, as well as for improvement of their customer service.

MoMo is a popular Vietnamese app that offers one-touch payment solution for all kinds of purchases. It’s one of the top-three payment apps in the country expanding beyond bill payments into an ultimate lifestyle super-app. And now, MoMo e-wallet is one of the payment options in SENET!

Digital payments for gamers

We know the disappointment of visiting a fully crowded gaming center, that’s why we introduced Booking module in SENET. It’s an addon that allows gamers to reserve seats, computers, or consoles at gaming venues while still being at home or any other place. For better user experience of our new Vietnamese audience, we added a brand-new payment option for seat reservation in booking portal through MoMo.

Convenience of non-cash payments

Non-cash payments save business owners from fear of dishonest employees and stacks of cash in a heavy safe. It’s easier to track all financial transactions when they are recorded digitally and automatically, without any human involved. By default, that’s exactly what SENET does as a management software for gaming cafes all over the world.

The value of MoMo payment option in SENET is in its potential to increase revenue of gaming venues through further digitalization. First, digital payments are getting more popular among people in the country, with 23 million trusted users of MoMo. Second, business owners can introduce deposits, commissions, or no-show fees that are charged from customers for reservation of computers. Third, venues get additional promotion placing a link to their booking portal on all social media platforms. All gamers have to do is to choose a seat a confirm reservation with a single click on MoMo e-wallet. Voilà! You have a new customer tonight – and they’ve paid already!


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