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If you're opening a gaming spot

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  • collegiate bootcamp
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Stay in control
Provide best customer experience

Manage computers
Manage computers via cloud

With SENET gaming center software, you have complete access to all PCs and gaming consoles while restricting customers only to necessary applications.

  • Control PCs and consoles anytime anywhere
  • Block Windows on client PCs
  • Update all PCs fast and at once
  • Zone the venue and charge at different rates
Operations statistic
Track all venue operations

SENET automatically creates financial reports and collects data on customer activities. Use this stats for marketing, double-check your balance books, or to report to your management.

  • Watch daily cash flow in real time
  • Generate X and Z-reports
  • Analyze visitor profiles and venue occupancy
  • Use Open API to integrate SENET with Power BI, Salesforce etc
Automate reservation
Automate reservation of computer seats

With Booking Module from SENET, your customers can reserve their favorite PC or a gaming console before they even arrive at the venue.

  • Encourage visitors to create personal accounts
  • Charge reservation fees
  • Implement non-refundable fees for no-shows
  • Comply with social distancing
Partner with Brands
Partner with brands. Earn more

Use your fleet of computers to diversify revenue streams. Become the center of your local gaming community and attract sponsorship deals.

  • Place sponsored video content on PC screens
  • Put up advertising banners
  • Arrange branded tournaments
  • Offer game promotions to publishers

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Scale your business with advanced features

SENET boot
Proprietary diskless system

Do you have more than 50 gaming PCs?
Do you struggle with customers downloading files infected with trojans?

Use SENET Boot! It is fully integrated into SENET admin interface and solves three main business issues: slow manual updates of games, spread of viruses, and protection of customer sensitive data.

Solution to manage gaming consoles

SENET Controllers connect your gaming consoles to the cloud, automate billing and time tracking, make them switch on and off whenever you need.

Through them, your customers can extend their gaming sessions without distraction from games and reserve favorite consoles while on the way to your venue.

SENET Controllers are compatible with all kinds of consoles on the market, including old versions.

Why use SENET gaming cafe software
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professional technical supervision
regular updates
worldwide presence

Community reviews

Great platform for esport arena
Good software with big potential
Client side has a good interface and protects your PC
We can manage the club while being in different places just through a device.
Convenient all-in-one modern system
The software meets our needs and tracks usage extremely well
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