Allow your customers to reserve their favorite gaming stations anytime, anywhere.
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Unique seat reservation tool for LAN centers
Calendar of reservations for staff
Get a clear view of gaming stations that are available, busy, or shut for maintenance. Click-and-drag on calendar grids to book a group of workstations in one click. Cancel and edit reservations effortlessly.
Public booking service
Make it easy for gamers to book a seat at your gaming venue. Place a link to your booking portal anywhere on the Internet, encourage people to register and buy gaming time online.
Online reservation of computers
Allow to book any computer or a small selection of them. SENET will notify customers which PC is available and which is arranged for a particular gamer.
Reservation of gaming consoles
Yes, any type of console or VR set can be reserved online too! SENET is the only software on the market that enables automation of console management and provides opportunity to buy console gaming time online.
Try now for free
SENET provides access to all features for free during a 7-day period. Test it out and see how it transforms your work!
Save time of staff, secure your earnings
No need to monitor social media or sit by the phone for reservation requests. Staff gets more time on their hands for more pressing tasks.
Booking Module eliminates repetitive actions, enables quick reservations for groups of friends or birthday parties.
Booking portal increases sales, offering purchase of gaming time during the reservation process.
Gaming centers get guaranteed payments through no-show fees, reservation fees, or deposits from gamers.
It is easier to schedule employee shifts with a real-time visualization of occupancy for the whole day. Reservation calendar provides exactly that.
All booking data is available in autogenerated reports within SENET. Use this information to find out more about preferences of your customers.
Install Booking Module
Start using SENET reservation tool and watch how it transforms your venue
Provide better service with less effort
With booking portal, one gamer can save seats for the whole squad in advance. They don’t waste time at the reception desk but go straight to gaming.
Customers always get notified via email or SMS about a new, rescheduled, or cancelled reservation at a gaming center. Let gamers know you care about them.
Each gamer can track their bookings through personal account. They can also edit or cancel future reservations with no help from venue staff.
Buying a day pass for the weekend on Thursday? Easy! Anybody can purchase gaming time for any day and any hour with the help of booking portal.
Booking Module helps to avoid reservation overlaps or people using computers booked by somebody else. Less conflicts, less mishaps, less bad gaming experience.
Give SENET a try
With no commitment from your side and full-on support from our side.
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