• Can I get a free trial or demo?

    Yes you can. To get a free trial week, go to: https://senet.cloud and follow the instructions. This will allow you to contact our support team and get a complete guide on how to install SENET on your PC and how to use all of its functions.

  • What happens after I fill the form?

    Our managers will contact you and run a personal demonstration, during which they will answer all your questions.

  • How do I subscribe to SENET, upgrade my software version, or stop working with the software?

    Subscription is carried out in real-time during a conversation with the representatives of Enestech - it can be activated immediately, without passing a trial period. The software update takes place in a fully automatic mode and does not require any additional actions from the club administration. We will do what we can to prevent you from ending your subscription to SENET, but if you make such a decision, you have to contact our customer support service.

  • I'm having some issues with SENET - what to do and where to go?

    In case of a malfunction in the SENET software, do not try to solve the issue by yourself - immediately contact the technical support service through a convenient communication channel. Our engineers work 24/7 - they will quickly diagnose the system and help eliminate any malfunctions.

  • Can I increase/decrease the number of PCs during an active subscription?

    Yes, you can easily change the number of PCs as you wish. The cost of additional seats will be calculated based on the remainder of your subscription.

  • How is the integration of SENET and its configuration for the club?

    SENET's cloud service is based on Digital Ocean and will start working automatically as soon as you first launch the program. You can get answers to questions about any additional technical settings in our technical support service - it works 24/7.

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