Printing Module for internet cafes

A must-have tool if you serve gamers and office workers alike
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All-in-all instrument for profitable printing services
All-in-all instrument for profitable printing services
Integration with all-in-one management software
Manage all files sent to print from the same interface you use to control computers. SENET automatically tracks the amount of printed documents and takes payments – it’s an invaluable help for staff!
Dynamic pricing for each document
Configure rates for each type of printing service – black-and-white, two-sided, or any other you provide. All finances earned by printing are accounted in the same electronic register together with sales of computer time, food, or drinks.
Connection checks and notification alerts
Add as many printers as you need, ensure all printers are connected to computers through SENET and get notified about errors via notifications.
Customization of print settings
Paper size, print color, and other settings that customers need can be adjusted in SENET. We weren’t kidding when we said that Printing Module is an all-in-one LAN Centre management tool!
Become a one-stop venue for work and entertainment
SENET provides access to all features for free during a 7-day period. Test it out and see how Printing Module transforms your work!
Make every page count
Forget about lines at your reception with people asking to print a page or two. With Printing Module, your customers can get self-service directly from their seat.
SENET saves time and effort for internet café staff. They manage computers, printing machines, and even gaming consoles from a single interface.
Automatically check connections with printers and sends alerts if connections fail. Less unpleasant surprises during communication with customers.
There’s no need to write each page down in your notebook or in Excel sheet. Each printed document can be looked up in printing history.
Control and review each transaction from your web-browser anytime, anywhere. All payments are recorded in electronic cash desk that is integrated into SENET.
Printing Module allows to decide who can change rates of printing services, who can change printer settings, and who can’t print documents for customers at all.
Customer reviews
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G2 Crowd
"""Great platform for esport arena""

SENET from Enestech is great platform to use in our esport arena where we have a large number of computers and consoles. You need just 2-3 hours of training and youre able to use this program, its very easy. Software offers a lot of options you can use in any kind of business.
Vera easy software to use in any kind of businesess.
Connect all of our 55 PCs in our esport arena in Prague."
Event manager at PlayZone CZ
"""Good software with big potential""

There are plenty things to like and get used to when using Senet's software. Firstly, the UI design and simplicity of installation/configuration which don't require you to be the most technical person to understand. Secondly, the support team is helpful which can help you along the way from start till the end.
Good software, good support team and overall a pleasant experience so far. "
Co-Founder at DZZRT
"I am a manager of a CyberCafe. I started to use Senet two years ago. I like this software.
+ Senet it is a cloud software.
+ Senet is a simple software.
+ Every customer in your CyberCafe must sign up and use their personal account.
+ You can control your employees.
+ If you have game consoles in your CyberCafe, you can use Senet and control all sessions.
+ Client side has a good interface and protects your PC."
Manager at RusFrag
"""SENET is the best option for us""

I can reach the technical team whenever we have issues and the service is great. The system is simple to use and the interface is something our clients like so much.
SENET is the best option you have out there, they always innovate and look for ways to improve their service and features. It simply meets expectations and more.
The management of PCs and consoles is perfect now."
"Marketing Business Development Manager at United Gaming Club"
"SENET is all-in-one. For me, this is a plus.
Pros: Cloud features are most impactful. Product is very easy to use. Possibility of remote control.
Convenient modern system, despite some features."
"""Great customer service and product meets our needs""
The software meets our needs and tracks usage extremely well. Support has been phenomenal.
Price was great, willingness to work with our specific use case was better than any other product."
Director of Esports
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