SENET Boot Diskless system

Known as PXE boot or diskless boot, it’s an innovative automation tool for esports venues
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Life-changing system to reduce daily workload of gaming venue staff
Life-changing system to reduce daily workload of gaming venue staff
Update games and PCs in a few minutes
Save your time by updating all PCs in the venue within a few clicks. With SENET Boot, you can easily install games and software on all venue PCs at once. Just download the required software or games to the server PC, reboot the client computers, and in a couple of minutes, the updates will be available on all PCs in your esports venue.
Protect computers and customers
Our diskless system reboots client computers after each customer, restoring the original image of the system. With diskless, ‘Remember me’ button is disabled across all gaming launchers and browsers, protecting customers’ sensitive data. Also, any changes within the computer system are rolled back, including edited system files and malware installations
Control everything from a single interface
SENET Boot is integrated with SENET management software for net cafes and esports venues. Together they combine into a complete ecosystem for automation that ensures uninterrupted gaming for customers and untroubled workday for staff

Become the fastest venue in the area

Find out about great possibilities that SENET Boot opens for your gaming center

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For venues that value time 

Turn hours of updates into minutes with SENET Boot

Game patches become heavier and usually require a lot of time to be installed on each computer. Install them once on the server PC via SENET Boot, while client computers will run on a copy of server PC system

Make changes in the background

You don’t have to close for a maintenance break to make changes in the system of client computers. Do it all on one PC and reboot all client machines later

Save money on memory expansion and SSDs

Out of all computers, the server PC is the only one that has physical drives to store data, including operational system, games, and software installed

Enhance security of computer systems

Changes done to files and folders of client computers will not have any effect, moreover – they will be erased after reboot. You are protected from mischievous customers and sneaky malware

Automate tedious Windows installation

Windows is installed on a computer once, without USB-dongles, remotely. After the process, a virtual image of Windows is ready to appear on all client computers without any additional work from your side

Monitor your equipment effortlessly

SENET Boot comes with a built-in tool that checks CPU and GPU of all computers for overheating. You’ll be able to prevent wear-out of equipment and nip it in the bud
We can install a diskless system for you!
Our team does all necessary configurations, so that SENET Boot works flawlessly at your gaming venue
  • Step 1

    Create Windows images for client PCs

  • Step 2

    Set up all parameters in SENET management software

  • Step 3

    Register paths for writebacks and images

  • Step 4

    Configure virtual images for the entire venue or for separate gaming zones with additional local cache parameters

  • Step 5

    Set up disks for games and applications with configurations of local cache

  • Step 6

    Configure DHCP settings with dynamic IP addresses

  • Step 7

    Arrange boot files for each venue of big gaming chains and franchises

What other gaming centers say about SENET 
I like the fact that I can follow business remotely. I'm always on business trips, on the go, but I can just get my phone and check in real time how things are going, how many people are in the club now, what they're playing, how things are with the proceeds – all of this is very important to me."

Umar Shodiev

Co-Founder at DZZRT

"Great customer service and product meets our needs"
The software meets our needs and tracks usage extremely well. Support has been phenomenal.
Price was great, willingness to work with our specific use case was better than any other product


Director of Esports

"SENET is all-in-one. For me, this is a plus"
Pros: Cloud features are most impactful. Product is very easy to use. Possibility of remote control.
Convenient modern system, despite some features



"Great platform for esport arena"

SENET from Enestech is great platform to use in our esport arena where we have a large number of computers and consoles. You need just 2-3 hours of training and youre able to use this program, its very easy. Software offers a lot of options you can use in any kind of business. Very easy software to use in any kind of businesess.

Tomas Mikula

Event manager at PlayZone CZ

"SENET is the best option for us"

I can reach the technical team whenever we have issues and the service is great. The system is simple to use and the interface is something our clients like so much. SENET is the best option you have out there, they always innovate and look for ways to improve their service and features. It simply meets expectations and more.

Imane B

Marketing Business Development Manager at United Gaming Club

Seat back while SENET does the work
Who said that automation must be difficult? SENET tech support will be there for you at each stage of implementation and setup
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The revolutionary product for gamers and NetCafes!
With no commitment from your side and full-on support from our side