October 2022 SENET Updates: Bonuses, Confirmation Emails, and Personal IDs
October 2022 SENET Updates: Bonuses, Confirmation Emails, and Personal IDs
Kate Shevchenko  •  05.11.2022

Hello! It’s time for the next article of SENET Updates. In this series, we list new features that were added to the platform during the last month and now are available to users. We also remind all SENET subscribers that they can take part in development of the product – through the backlog of ideas they can provide their input on the most needed features in SENET.

Meanwhile, let’s have a look at the ideas that were brought to life by ENESTECH team.

Design and localization

SENET now is available in Czech and Hungarian languages, bringing the total count of localizations to 10.

Redesign process of SENET resources is gradually covering more and more webpages, and we are proud to present our potential customers a new registration portal. You’d have to apply for a SENET trial if you want to check it out!

Loyalty program, bonuses, and promocodes

We continue to improve rewards system within the platform, providing gaming lounges with enough tools to encourage customers to visit more. Now, administering staff can give out monetary bonuses to gamers for adding funds to their SENET account. Bonuses can be configured as a fixed amount of money or a percentage of the sum that gamers choose to add to their balance.

We’ve also expanded functionality of promocodes. Just like bonuses, promocodes can be set up in CAP as a fixed amount added to balance or as a discount percentage. Promocodes for discounts were designed to be used on Booking portal, so that gamers can save money if decided to reserve seats in advance.

Another type of promocodes, those that grant a certain amount of money to SENET account, are not available on Booking portal. Instead, they can be used by gaming lounges as a part of registration process for new customers.

With these additions, loyalty program for gamers in SENET rounds up to three configurable tools of reward and encouragement at esports venues:

  • Discount system
  • Bonuses for adding funds to SENET account
  • Promocodes
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Booking Module

Changes in CAP

Double-booking of gaming seats is impossible, as group reservations automatically shown in Central administrative panel. For staff, all booked machines are highlighted in the system and the information about the reservation is available in a hover – there’s even no need to click on it!


Changes on public Booking portal

The portal becomes more user-friendly. There’s now an easy way to remove positions from the list of gaming machines that user wants to book and group reservations can be easily cancelled through the portal either.

Price of purchased day passes and information about group reservations, including login codes for all members of group reservation, can now be found in My bookings section of the portal.

For more customer-centric service at gaming lounges, SENET Booking portal will send confirmation emails about any changes done to reservations. Successful bookings, changes of time, cancellations, and reminders about reservations – those are automatic emails that gamers will receive from esports venues through SENET platform.

Shop Shell

Selling food and beverages directly from gaming seats are a big deal for some venues, especially in Asia. Latest tweaks in Shop Shell include notifications for gamers about their order being complete and a possibility to cancel an order that has been paid.

Administering staff also gets to enjoy more convenient categories of goods and services sold through Shop in SENET: now it includes a new category to sort through combo offers! Also, staff can decide whether they are ready to accept shop orders from gamers that were not paid yet. Just enable a button “Send and pay” instead of “Send” for orders.

If a venue has a kitchen and a bar, SENET simplifies order processing through printing. Shop can provide an option to print separate notes for food and drinks straight from CAP for convenience of the staff.

All access rights of staff are now distributed also regulated just like any other part of SENET administration. Stay safe and keep an eye on all processes!

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Other cool stuff

To enhance security at the venue or to comply with local regulations, some gaming lounges have to collect ID information about their customers. Now, special fields for photos and IDs are available in SENET user management.

More information about current rate of gaming session and balance it gets charged from is also added onto Map in administrative panel.

Online reports of cashier shifts now also track passes that were sold as components of combo offers. Moreover, we added separate print buttons for each category of reports: it’s easy to print out statements about cash flow and goods movement for checks, shop items, and gaming passes.

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