Stripe Payments are Enabled in SENET
Stripe Payments are Enabled in SENET
Kate Shevchenko  •  28.04.2022

Here at ENESTECH we value time. After all, selling gaming time is what keeps gaming venues in business. We developed SENET with business owners in mind, helping them to automate most of their routine work at cybercafes and LAN centers. Still, we always keep in mind our fellow gamers, trying to make their stay at venues more comfortable through new SENET features.


For gamers: reserve a seat and pay online

Big and popular venues are often crowded, that is why they usually utilize SENET Booking module. It is a convenient tool for regular customers: they could save a seat at the venue while still being at home. Other customers could see occupied computers online and in real time, so there’s no double-booking.

Online payments via Stripe resolve a problem of booking confirmations with additional fees or deposits in advance. From now on, gamers are able to pay for seat reservations not only from their balance in SENET, but also with a payment method of their choice via Stripe.

Now, getting a favorite computer at a gaming venue is even more convenient than ever!

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For business owners: guaranteed payments

As a global service provider, ENESTECH thinks globally about its customers. At the moment, Stripe is available in 47 countries which works perfectly well for our international community. Expanding payment methods beyond SENET balance we provide another way to attract customers to gaming venues.

Reservation fees, no-show fees, deposit fees are now enabled not only for loyal visitors, but also for first-timers who are not registered in SENET of a given venue. With that, it gets easier to promote your LAN center with a simple link to your Booking portal – anyone who’s interested can reserve a PC online and come over!

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