SENET Supports FPS Center and AMD Opening Day Center for Ukrainians in Warsaw
SENET Supports FPS Center and AMD Opening Day Center for Ukrainians in Warsaw
Kate Shevchenko  •  01.06.2022

Day Center by AMD is a non-profit initiative that aims to support Ukrainian refugees in Poland. It is opening on May 30, 2022, on the grounds of a computer studio FPS Center located in Warsaw, Galeria Ursynow / I floor, Al. KEN, 36. The studio welcomes Ukrainian kids and adults alike to use FPS Center facilities for gaming, job seeking, and learning – charge-free till June 30, 2022.


SENET joins forces with AMD, WePlay HoldingActinaMyFace, and InstaLing to faciliate the work of FPS Center and to help Ukrainians to adapt in Poland and socialize. As a gaming venue, FPS Center offers world-class computer hardware that will be able to meet requirements both for quality gaming and for CV composition. Here, Ukrainian refugees will find support in everyday needs, opportunity to get together with fellow Ukrainians, and make meaningful connections in a new country.

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ENESTECH Software supports the initiative with a free SENET subscription during the whole month of AMD Day Center operation. With SENET, computer workstations will be able to work fast and flawlessly, providing a direct access to games, web, and all necessary applications for productivity.

Almost 3 million Ukrainians, women and children in particular, were forced to take refuge in Poland because of Russian invasion into Ukraine. With a common effort, FPS Center transforms from an esports venue into a safe space for kids and their mothers, providing comfort and encouragement to adjust to life in Poland.

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