August 2023 SENET Updates: Bonus Write-Offs, New Comment Box, Loading Spinner Indicator, and Other System Improvements
August 2023 SENET Updates: Bonus Write-Offs, New Comment Box, Loading Spinner Indicator, and Other System Improvements
Oleksandra Bondarenko  •  08.09.2023

Hey, dear readers of the SENET Digest! 

In this article, I will traditionally share the fresh updates to the SENET system with you. During August, we received valuable feedback from our clients and implemented them, in particular: we added a field for comments in receipts, added a bonus write-off function, updated the content loading spinner indicator, and added an option to copy the receipt number easily.

Read on to find out all the details!

Comment Box for Cash Operations

The development team has added a field for comments on cash operations. This new feature is optional and allows you to make short notes on the receipt, thus explaining what the customer paid for.

Comments entered during payment transactions are retained in the corresponding transaction records, such as the “Receipt History” section and reports.

The comment box has been added to the check creation operation in the following activities: 

  • Map: the start of a new receipt session 
  • Map: top-up of a user’s balance
  • Map: postpaid session closing
  • Cash register: receipt creation
  • Cash register: top-up of balance by PC/console number and user login
  • Cash register: payment for a postpaid session
  • Cash register: payment for a product or service in the “Shop” tab
  • Printing module: payment for document printing


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Writing Off Bonuses When Returning a Receipt

When a receipt is returned, customer bonuses credited with the receipt are deducted from the bonus balance.

Update details:

  • The cashier writes off the remaining bonus amount if some bonuses have already been used.
  • If the bonuses have been used, they cannot be deducted.
  • The receipt can be returned if the bonuses have been used.
  • Bonuses are written off even if the receipt on which the bonuses were credited is partially used. In other words, returning only a part of the funds is possible.
  • If the check is non-refundable, the bonuses cannot be deducted.
  • Information about written-off bonuses is added in the description of the returned check operation.
  • Information about written-off bonuses is displayed in the history of bonus balance.
  • Bonuses credited to the main balance cannot be written off.


Content Launch Indicator

Following feedback from our users, we have improved the visualization of the content launch indicator. Now, the loading spinner sign is displayed only within the selected app or game icon. Additionally, gamers can now launch two or more apps simultaneously.

Receipt Copying

Now, you can copy a receipt with a single click by placing the cursor over the receipt number and clicking the “Copy” button.

The ENESTECH team is grateful to all subscribers interested in updates to our system and participating in developing the SENET product. I also want to remind you that you can share your feedback and ideas about SENET by leaving them in our Backlog and feedback forms via CAP. Your opinion is essential and contributes to making SENET even better!

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