Business Idea: A Coworking Space at the Internet Cafe
Business Idea: A Coworking Space at the Internet Cafe
Vlad Nazarkin  •  04.10.2019

Any business, if sooner or later it does not begin to develop – dies out. This statement is true for all types of business activities, and the computer club is no exception. It may seem that the Internet cafe has nowhere to evolve, but that is not the case. We offer you another idea for the development of a computer club.

The modern age allows the employee not to be in the office at all. Means of communication, online documents, schedulers and smartphones in every pocket – all this, firstly, ensures that the employee will always be in touch, and secondly – allows you to significantly change the format of the company. In fact, why force people to drag themselves into the subway in the morning or stand in traffic jams if this hour can be used for work? If work from home seems too relaxing – it makes sense to move to the nearest coworking, where all the advantages of the office will be present, but there will be no its disadvantages.

As Wikipedia suggests, “Coworking is the situation in which several workers from different companies share an office space, allowing cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructure, such as equipment, utilities, and receptionist and custodial services.” Western companies shift their employees to a remote format of work, and even the old-fashioned domestic entrepreneurs are beginning to take steps in this direction – today it is difficult to interest a qualified specialist in the possibility of “sitting from 9 to 6” because the symbolic boss wants it. Businessmen realize that the income directly depends on the inspiration and interest of a specialist, and if all he needs to do is come when he wants to or work from a convenient place, why not?

And here, a resourceful entrepreneur can find a profit. Because any computer club is almost a perfect coworking. On the one hand, it is a good way to attract new clients, on the other hand, it is a direction for the development of stagnating business.

So, at a rough guess. The main disadvantages of any coworking are:

– Monthly payment of the workplace;

– Not all bonuses are available for a standard fee (computer, printer, conversation);

– The cost of rent.

At the same time, the advantages are much more attractive:

– Remote work;

– Absence of a superior who breathes down your neck;

– Self-settable work schedule;

– Possibility to work 24/7.

This means that a computer club can turn into an ideal workplace with some “refinement”. When opening it, the entrepreneur has already taken care of a convenient workplace and a good computer. Most computer clubs have a bar and are located near cafes. The club is often within walking distance of the subway or even close to home. There is always Wi-Fi and all the necessary amenities. Among the disadvantages – again, the cost of renting a place for the day, often the absence of a room for negotiations and sometimes additional fees for the use of the printer.

However, all these shortcomings are easy to eliminate. A good management program allows you to allocate several computers in a separate zone and create a special rate for it, which will be lower than the cost of an hour of play, but still bring benefits. Attracting freelancers to the club in working hours is profitable at least because the flow of clients at this time is the smallest – most of the children-gamers are at school, and workplaces can simply stand idle. Finally, to equip the “office area” is much easier than the “game area” – for work you need less powerful computers than for games, and, therefore, their purchase will be cheaper. Difficulties can arise with the room for negotiations – it makes sense to take care of it in advance. Another useful idea is to move all the “office” computers to a separate room, so that the turbulent reaction of the players did not interfere with the people who came to your club to work.

The issue of finance is also quite simple. First, if you use a good accounting software, you can easily calculate a favorable rate for all who come to work, and implement it in your computer club. Secondly, if your management program supports the creation of membership, you can offer this solution to people who are willing to use the club as a coworking. The membership and loyalty program, which depending on the amount of funds invested will increase the individual discount of the client, will easily create for you a huge number of loyal customers. Add here the club “cloud” which will allow a person to get access to saved documents from any club in your network – and your business is ready to enter a new level.

Coworking is certainly gaining popularity among the new generation of “desk jockeys”. The world is improving, and sitting in the office from 9 to 6 soon will not be necessary. Expansion of computer club services is just a reaction to the changing world. Why not try it?

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