Computer Park Management Automation
Computer Park Management Automation
Vlad Nazarkin  •  08.03.2020

Today, the problem of most companies with a large fleet of computer equipment are the consequences of spontaneous automation without long-term plans and without an idea of the prospects for its development.

Here is not a complete list of problems that owners of computer clubs may have today:

  1. Elementary purchase of computer equipment and software.
  2. Order and implement non-upgradeable business applications.
  3. Availability of different applications to solve the same problem, implemented in different divisions.
  4. Problems of administration and protection of heterogeneous segmented networks.

According to a study by consulting company Accenture, IT professionals spend up to 70% of the time supporting the existing system, including managing accounts and passwords in disparate information systems, solving technical problems for users, manual control of the technical state of each PC. And an administrator also spends a lot of time on routine tasks, switching sessions, time control, manual control of all financial operations. It’s no wonder that they simply do not have time to think about the prospects for development and develop a strategic vision for the development of their division.

Here are the reasons why many modern clubs need to automate the management of the company’s IT environment.

Using of ENESTECH Software is the best solution to adapt computer technologies and make them more available and friendly for demands and necessities of different industries taking into consideration their existing technical base and business objectives.

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