March 2023 SENET Updates: Dashboards, Bonus Balance, Login Screen Redesign, and Tournament Module
March 2023 SENET Updates: Dashboards, Bonus Balance, Login Screen Redesign, and Tournament Module
Vlad Nazarkin  •  19.04.2023

It is always a pleasure for us to inform you of good news and for the development team to show the results of their work. Today we will tell you about the new version of SENET Software v.73, in which two new modules will appear at once: “Dashboards” and “New Bonus System”! Let’s slightly open the cover on the upcoming design updates and the testing process of the “Tournament Module.”

Separately, we want to thank all those who leave their wishes and recommendations on our Backlog page in a special feedback form. Together with you, we create the SENET of the future. Well, now, let’s move on to the main thing.



The new Dashboards module will become available in SENET Software v.73. We have completed the active phase of testing and are delivering the finished module to you. The development team is currently working on adding new metrics to track your business performance. So, if you have ideas or needs for any analytics you want to track, please let us know.

After updating to version v.73, you will have access to nine (9) metrics that allow you to track the performance of your center with the ability to filter them by time (one day, seven days, 30 days, and your option) and see their changes by the day.


Available for free:

  • Income
  • Average check in Shop
  • Most active users
  • New registered users


Available by subscription (paid):

  • Popular workstations
  • Occupancy
  • Popular passes
  • Content popularity
  • Top sold in Shop


All analytical data will be pulled into the database automatically within an hour after updating to version v.73. Paid metrics will also be updated within an hour after purchasing the add-on. The development team thanks all the customers who actively tested this module and helped optimize its performance.

If you have new ideas and wishes, you can send them directly to the development team through the feedback form – which is located in the Dashboards section.

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Bonus Balance

The system of bonuses and discounts has been constantly developing in gaming centers since their inception and is an integral part of their ecosystem.

Our system of top-up bonuses allows you to set up getting additional funds to the balance of a registered user’s account when he replenishes his account with a certain amount of money. At the same time, we divided bonuses into two types: fixed bonus and % of the replenishment amount. In the first case, the guest will receive additional funds in a fixed amount. In the second case, when replenishing, the amount is multiplied by the multiplier you set.

Login Screen Redesign

Our design and development teams are actively working on updating the “Login Screen” and other elements of SENET Software. At the moment, we have changed the background image, PC statuses, and the appearance of notifications coming to the PC. The new design presents updated user login forms for receipt, login, and password for staff.

This is just a small part of the changes that we are preparing for you. We hope that in the next digest we will be able to show much more. 

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Tournament Module

Now, the active testing phase of our “Tournament module” is running. We already have the first results, but we are not yet ready to share them with you due to lack of data. To make testing more efficient, the marketing and development teams are preparing closed tournaments for gaming center owners in Central Asia (only for center guests). This will allow us to collect the necessary data and feedback from guests and administrations for the further development of the Tournament Module. 

In the near future, the marketing and customer service teams will prepare an announcement of this event for you and pass on all the necessary information. After successful testing in the Central Asia region, we will prepare everything necessary for tests in other regions. 


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