November 2022 SENET Updates


November 2022 SENET Updates: Video Screensavers and Customer Questionnaires

Greetings! Happy to see you reading our regular content series about SENET updates. Here, we list new or upgraded features that we added during the month, so you can see how SENET platform constantly grows.

If you’re a current SENET subscriber, please don’t hesitate to submit your ideas for improvement of SENET management software on our Backlog page. If you’re considering testing our product or have any questions about its work, fill in the contact form at the end of the article, and our team will get in touch with all information you need.

Video screensavers on TV screen

Now, it is possible to show videos or .gif files that you need on flat-screen TVs that are connected to gaming consoles. It’s a long-awaited feature that helps in brand collaborations between gaming lounges and their partners through video content.

The feature is available on demand to all SENET subscribers for an additional charge.

And while we’re on the subject of consoles, we’d like to remind you that SENET Controllers are in stock and are available for purchase. It is a sophisticated hardware solution that we developed to connect gaming consoles to cloud. You can turn them on and off, control time of use automatically, and make reservations for customers of your gaming lounge.

Redesigned shop and content categories

For convenience of gamers our team slightly redesigned Shop and Content library in client interface. It’s become easier to browse through shop items with a vertical list of categories on the side. And the same list is now applicable to games and software as well.

Central administrative panel

Tool to count cashier change

We also added a tool for calculation of the amount of change that must be given to customers when they pay for stuff at gaming lounges. A new field appears in Cash register tab when a staff member does actions in SENET software to sell gaming time, a day pass, or any shop item.

A simple, yet extremely helpful, this tool simplifies work of cashiers and reception desk stuff.

Customer questionnaire

SENET subscribers can ask our support team to include a Google Form questionnaire to find out their visitors’ opinion on different matters. Such questionnaire pops up at the close of gaming sessions and has to be either filled in or declined if a visitor wants to end the session properly.

Notifications when day pass runs out

When gamers buy gaming time in bulk, they purchase day passes at gaming lounges. When time on a pass is running out, staff can either turn on notifications to alert their customers or turn them off. This preference can be set up through SENET tech support.

This is it for November 2022. Thank you for reading about our work! Every day we put all our efforts to improve SENET, so that it can keep up with the fast-developing gaming industry. Most of the new features that we introduce are recommended by our users – business owners, staff, and customers of esports venues and cybercafes.

Join the community of gaming enthusiasts that want to build automated and modern infrastructure for competitive and amateur gaming. Let’s create SENET together.


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