SENET is Now Available in Turkish!
SENET is Now Available in Turkish!
Oleksandra Bondarenko  •  22.06.2023

Thousands of businesses rely upon SENET

Hello SENET users! We are thrilled to announce that we’ve added the Turkish language to our system. This significant step aligns with our commitment to make SENET more accessible and user-friendly for our global clients.

Our esteemed Turkish users can now access and use SENET in their native language, understand its functionalities, and use it more effectively.

It makes Turkish the 11th language in which SENET is localized, following the already established localizations in Ukrainian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Czech, Russian, German, and now Turkish. We strive to remove language barriers and make the SENET experience as user-friendly and smooth as possible. So if you need a SENET localization for a language other than listed, please get in touch with us via

We’re delighted with this new addition and look forward to your feedback. Also, remember that you can always contact us with suggestions or questions through the Backlog and in the feedback forms via CAP.

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