September 2022 SENET Updates: Promocodes, Passes on Booking Portal, and Improved Shop
September 2022 SENET Updates: Promocodes, Passes on Booking Portal, and Improved Shop
Kate Shevchenko  •  04.10.2022

We introduce a new series of content covering the latest updates of SENET that took place each month. If you want to see your feature of dream be added to SENET, make sure to suggest it on our Backlog page. You can also vote for the ideas that have been contributed by other subscribers. This is how the development team understands which tools are indeed necessary to run an esports center and which of them are simple nice-to-haves.

Now, brace yourself for a great deal of improvements brought to you in September 2022. Here you’ll see updates in SENET Shell, central administrative panel, diskless system, console management, and much more.

Purchase of day passes on the Booking portal

Gamers can now reserve a gaming seat and purchase a pass they like directly from the Booking portal. All of the information will immedeately be shown in SENET administrative panel, on the screen of the computer that has been reserved, and in all reports that generate automatically in SENET.

The option to enable purchase of passes can be turned on and off on demand by SENET subscribers themselves.

Promocodes in CAP

Most promocodes are generated with the help of SENET support team. With the latest update, SENET users can create promocodes on their own in central adminitsrative panel. However, self-created codes can only be used during the registration of a new gamer at the venue.

Promocodes for regular customers are still generated with the help of SENET tech support.

Disabling orders option

Sometimes the kitchen or the merch stand are closed, and gamers can’t receive items through the Shop that is built into SENET client interface. Now, administering staff can disable order option for gamers if shop temporarily can’t sold anything.

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Filter of orders by status

Checking the progress of orders that were placed by gamers in Shop has become even more convenient. We added an option to filter all orders by the status of payment: all, paid, unpaid. Don’t lose a dime with SENET

Statictics of today

By a popular demand, all SENET reports and dashboards have got a new easy way to look up information about the venue for the current day. Instead of choosing the date manually on the calendar, SENET users have got to click one single button in the filter of dates: today. Easy-peasy!

Gaming culture varies across the world, that is why some features might be initially implemented for SENET users of a limited geo. Here’re some updates that are available for all Vietnam SENET subscribers, but also can be available in other regions on demand.

Thousands of businesses rely upon SENET

Combo offers

At the movies, buying coke and popcorn as a single deal saves some money. Why not have it at gaming lounges too? Combo offers in SENET allow to sell gaming time and any shop item as a bundle. Combos are a proven way to boost up sales, be it food, beverages, snacks, or merch.


Do you offer french fries with a topping of choice? Cheese, bacon, plain ketchup? Do you want to limit the amount of toppings to choose? All of it can be ordered and configured within Combo tab in Shop.

Fast refill

For those business owners that have a mutual understanding with their customers, SENET provides a kind of ‘pay later’ option. Gamers that have an active gaming session and running out of funds on their balance can request more gaming time and paying for it later.

Fast refill is different from a postpaid session that allows to start a gaming session with 0 funds on gamer’s account, but still provides flexibility and deepens trust between staff and the gaming community.

From September, however, staff member has an option to decline a fast refill request, if they deem it necessary.

Time of request to add funds

SENET has got a nice update to all notifications from gamers that ask to add more funds to their account balance – date and time. Why? So there’s no misunderstanding and mishaps during the process, of course.

Online reports on cashier shifts

Now, data is also available in SENET online without any need to export an Excel file. Just go to CAP > Statictics > Cashier shifts to see a detailed breakdown of every financial transaction right in front of you. Moreover, online reports also reflect stock movements: how many items were sold or returned through the shop in the client interface.

SENET Boot 6.0

SENET Boot has become more automated. Windows image takes less steps to install, and most importantly – can be installed in the language of your choice instead of English.

Among other pleasant tweaks: SENET Boot installator has got a new look:

E-launcher 12.0

While E-Launcher installation wizard has got a newly redesigned appearance, the new version adds Task Manager to administrative panel. This way venue staff can terminate active processes on any computer directly from their admin PC. Task Manager can be accessed in Map – Management mode.

SENET Console

Permissions and access

Now, administering staff of esports venues and LAN centers can grant or decline persmissions for smart TVs to be connected to SENET Console app. The whole process is easily done through central administrative panel.


As of September 2022, SENET supports eight languages: English, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, German, and Russian. Now, SENET Console app can recognize the language of a smart TV it connects to and switch automatically. If the TV interface uses a language out of SENET supported range, SENET Console will be diplayed in English by default.

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