Sergiy Purish – CEO of ENESTECH Software
Sergiy Purish – CEO of ENESTECH Software
Oleksandra Bondarenko  •  03.05.2023

Big news for SENET by ENESTECH Software!

We are happy to announce that Sergiy Purish has become the CEO of ENESTECH Software, which is part of the TECHIIA holding company.

Sergiy Purish has 25 years of experience managing technology projects and businesses in finance, IT products, and IT services. Together with TECHIIA’s management partners, he founded ENESTECH Software, the creator of the SENET product we are proud of!

In his new position, Sergiy will continue the company’s expansion into the United States, Europe, Latin America, Kazakhstan, countries of the Asia-Pacific region, and Southeast Asia.

“Sergiy has many years of management experience, an engineering degree, a master’s degree in business administration, and a passion for the esports industry. This mix will help him make SENET  more convenient and feature-packed for both clients and users,” said Yuriy Lazebnikov, Managing Partner at TECHIIA Holding.

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