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PC & Console Management

Efficient management solution with all essential features.
Rates, Zones, Loyalty program
(no loyalty program \ gamification available)
Billing system
Cloud solution
Customizible Shell interface
no custom shell, just windows
Media library (Content)
File Sharing system
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Client Desktop remote control
Ads within user interface

Detailed User Management

Control your venue with professional user management tools.
Customizable access levels
Staff access data based on their level, limited to only their relevant duties.
(just some presets, no configuration)
Public Keys
Provide users who do not have their own accounts on Steam, Origins, Battle.net with the opportunity to play via club accounts
Bonus balance, promotions and promo codes
Multiple rewards system tools increase players' loyalty and encourage them to come back.
Reservation module
The 'Reservation' module allows players to book their favorite PCs or consoles remotely.
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Live chat between clients and staff

Multilanguage Support 24/7

We provide a tailored consumer experience and customization.
Technical support 24/7
SENET support team assists clients during trials, onboarding, and daily operations.
up to 15 minutes
up to 12-24 hours
Personal Manager
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Online Staff Trainings

Data-Driven Solution

Control the key business metrics and increase revenue.
Reporting module
Download custom period reports in ‘Statistics’.
(It is challenging to use because of the disappointing UI/UX design)
Executive Dashboard (real-time update)
Professional tool with all key business indicators available for analysis in real-time.
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History of user's activity

Diskless Boot System

The diskless system that automates esports venue operations.
Diskless boot
Update all computers at once
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Manage everything from a single interface
Enhance system security

Shop in a Gamer's Shell

Customizable module that expands checkout & management power.
Sell goods in the client's interface with customizable & colorful product cards.
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Order management from the admin dashboard with detailed reports
Combo offers package
Boost sales with combo offers: bundle game time with food, drinks, snacks, or merch.

Full Console Compatibility

SENET is fully compatible any modern game consoles.
4K resolution support
PS5 and Xbox Series X/S
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PS4 and Xbox Series One
PS3 and Xbox Series 360

Printing System

Connect, control, and track printing systems at your venue.
Receive notifications about printing status
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Process payments for printing through the inbuild cash register
Keep track of printed documents and generate advanced reports.

The comparison of PanCafe Pro and SENET in this table is based on the costs for North America. All the data is publicly available and accurate as of June 11, 2023. If you notice any inaccuracies or have any questions, please contact us at marketing@enestech.net.

Automate all business processes

Financial control


Detailed statistics


Cloud service


Customizable access levels


24/7 support


Diskless system


PC Map


Сonsoles Compatibility


Public Keys


User-Friendly Interface


Shop Shell Module


Loyalty Program


Reservation Module


Online Payments

Financial control
SENET provides a built-in real-time accounting system that tracks a gaming venue's income and expenses, automatically recording any financial transactions. Moreover, the system supports servicing store accounts in a cyber cafe and helps to track the number of goods in stock. On top of that, you can create any financial reports by monitoring the cash flow through the SENET accounting system.
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Detailed statistics
The integrated statistical analysis engine calculates the performance of the staff or the whole venue in real-time. The SENET analytics module supports flexible customization, providing users with any data of interest, including the revenue dynamics from specific PCs and consoles, the popularity of certain games or programs, the most profitable hours, and numerous different things.
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Cloud service
SENET's cloud service, based on Microsoft Azure, allows you to create a remote virtual server for each client. It significantly reduces maintenance costs and provides customers access to personal accounts in any venue of your network. Additionally, the system includes regularly creating backup copies and getting administrative access from anywhere in the world.
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Customizable access levels
The SENET program supports access levels division, which allows you to separate the responsibilities of your personnel. Depending on the chosen level, the staff sees only specific blocks of data and can not neither view nor edit information that does not involve their direct duties. Thus, the esports venue owner can limit employee access, reducing the threat of human factors and ensuring the venue's stable and efficient performance.
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24/7 support
SENET's technical support department works 24/7 and is completely free for our clients. Support managers are ready to answer any questions and can help quickly resolve any issues. It is worth noting that our support managers are prepared to guide customers through the program installation process step by step and explain all the features of the SENET program.
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Diskless system
SENET provides a preboot network system where client computers don't need HDD/SSD, they just load data from disk images on the server using the Internet. SENET Boot is an innovative automation tool for esports venues that uploads the latest application versions on a disk image, so all client PCs get updated automatically after reboot. It reduces hardware expenses saving thousands of dollars on replacing HDD/SSD with disk images and enhances system security by one hundred percent.
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PC Map
SENET allows you to create precise computers and consoles map of your venue, displaying how they are placed on the screen. The system interface provides the ability to number the machines and divide them into separate game zones, setting different rates. Thus, the gaming venue administrator has full access to any of the PCs and consoles, tracking the popularity of game zones, specific games, or programs and tracking the time left for the user's gaming session.
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Сonsoles Compatibility
The SENET system is equally compatible with both PCs and modern game consoles, including support for VR devices. Through a special controller, the venue's administration can synchronize any number of consoles with the system and manage them the same way the computers do. Each console can be marked with a QR code, allowing players to pay for the game time and extend it independently.
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Public Keys
SENET is compatible with all popular online digital game distribution services. We allow users who don't have personal accounts on Steam, Origins, or Battle.net to play via venue accounts. Players are welcome to join online battles or try out the newest licensed games. Knowing about this feature, your visitors will return to your venue again and again.
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User-Friendly Interface
The SENET program interface doesn't require additional study and is entirely user-friendly. In addition to accessibility, it provides flexible customization for specific cases, including customizable lists, categories, output information, and much more. The system shell already contains predefined descriptions and screenshots of the most popular games and programs.
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Shop Shell Module
With SENET, you can allow your managers to process more orders efficiently and at a faster pace. They will instantly receive notifications about new orders and track their status in real time. The "Shop Shell" module allows managers to create receipts in one click and keep track of inventory. On top of that, you can partner with surrounding cafes and restaurants before your competitors do and enable deliveries to be made and tracked in real-time with the newest version of our "Shop Shell."
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Loyalty Program
Our system supports cumulative discounts and postpay options, allowing you to ensure that players will return to your venue. The percentage of discount increases depending on the amount of money the client spends. Hence, SENET makes your guests feel welcome in the gaming venue, having a constant reason to return. Also, a flexible reward system helps you to reward users who attract friends and new customers to your place.
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Reservation Module
SENET's "Reservation" module is universally compatible. Any device, from smartphones to PCs, can support it. This convenient computer and console booking tool ensures guests secure a place in advance. It provides a seamless, user-friendly booking experience, enhancing customer satisfaction. Furthermore, its real-time availability updates add to its reliability and efficiency.
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Online Payments
With this service, players can pay for seats and extend their gaming session remotely. Both seat booking and session extension can be made using the built-in remote payment system. SENET supports several third-party payment systems, allowing users to transfer money in the most convenient way!
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  • Can I get a free trial or demo?

    Yes you can. To get a free trial week, go to: https://senet.cloud and follow the instructions. This will allow you to contact our support team and get a complete guide on how to install SENET on your PC and how to use all of its functions.

  • What happens after I fill the form?

    Our managers will contact you and run a personal demonstration, during which they will answer all your questions.

  • How do I subscribe to SENET, upgrade my software version, or stop working with the software? Answer

    Subscription is carried out in real-time during a conversation with the representatives of Enestech - it can be activated immediately, without passing a trial period. The software update takes place in a fully automatic mode and does not require any additional actions from the club administration. We will do what we can to prevent you from ending your subscription to SENET, but if you make such a decision, you have to contact our customer support service.

  • I'm having some issues with SENET - what to do and where to go?

    In case of a malfunction in the SENET software, do not try to solve the issue by yourself - immediately contact the technical support service through a convenient communication channel. Our engineers work 24/7 - they will quickly diagnose the system and help eliminate any malfunctions.

  • Can I increase/decrease the number of PCs during an active subscription?

    Yes, you can easily change the number of PCs as you wish. The cost of additional seats will be calculated based on the remainder of your subscription.

  • How is the integration of SENET and its configuration for the club?

    SENET's cloud service is based on Digital Ocean and will start working automatically as soon as you first launch the program. You can get answers to questions about any additional technical settings in our technical support service - it works 24/7.

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