June 2023 SENET Updates: “Game Update” Add-On, Background Image Control, Language Selection and More
June 2023 SENET Updates: “Game Update” Add-On, Background Image Control, Language Selection and More
Oleksandra Bondarenko  •  16.07.2023

Greetings to all readers of our blog! It’s time for a new article from the “SENET Updates” section. Today I will tell you about all the updates that were added to the platform during the last month by the ENESTECH team.

June was packed, so get ready for a lot of exciting news!

Enjoy the reading!

New Innovative "Game Update" Add-On

SENET continues to evolve, and the ENESTECH team hastens to tell you great news – we have developed a highly anticipated and innovative add-on called “Game Update”!

With this add-on, you can:

  • save a lot of time spent on manual updating of games
  • automatically update the most popular games in your venue
  • not interrupt the gameplay of visitors during the updating process
  • receive notifications when games are ready to be updated to the latest versions
  • control the speed of the Internet for downloading updates


It’s important to note that the “Game Update” add-on is now available for SENET Boot users. Our team is already working on adapting this add-on for venues with hardware disks. So quite soon, all our customers will be able to use this revolutionary add-on! 

Want to get the “Game Update”? Submit your request here!

CAP - Manage the Background Images of the PC Lock Screen

You can set one background image for all workstations or upload a separate picture for each zone. The image must match the display resolution, not exceed 10 MB and be in JPG/JPEG/PNG format.

For detailed instructions, go to ENESTECH Zendesk. 

SENET Localization into Turkish

Turkish language is now available in the settings and is displayed in both САР and Shell in all SENET modules.


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Language Selection Starting from Login Screen

Our team has improved the user flow of SENET users by implementing the option to change the language on the login screen, which is maintained in the Shell interface after authorization.

SENET is available in 11 languages, including Ukrainian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Czech, German, Turkish, and russian.

If you need SENET localization in a language that is not listed, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by writing an email to marketing@enestech.net


Loading Spinner Icon During the Content Installation

In Shell, we’ve added a loading spinner that appears when you update or download games. This functionality is available in 14 bundle.

Block User Login During OS Update

The development team has implemented screen locking in Shell during OS updates. Now the screen displays a message saying that the operating system is updating on the PC. Thus, it’s impossible to enter Shell during the update. 

With this update, we have eliminated the risk of interrupting or failing Windows updates, as third-party processes won’t interfere with loading. In addition, gamers will be able to start a gaming session on a PC with a stable version of Windows and don’t have to wait for a system reboot.



System Improvements:

  • We have enhanced the “Max check amount = 0” setting, which ensures replenishment without a limit on the maximum amount. No error will be displayed when such a check is issued. This way, you can give gamers free gameplay hours.

Thousands of businesses rely upon SENET

SENET team, as usual, is grateful to all clients who regularly share their ideas and experiences on the product with us, leaving them in our Backlog and the feedback forms via CAP. Thank you for taking an active part in our interviews and surveys since it’s a crucial aspect in the development of any product.

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