What Licenses are Needed to Open a Cybercafe?
What Licenses are Needed to Open a Cybercafe?
Kate Shevchenko  •  11.09.2022

While many people have computers at home, internet cafes are still as popular as ever, especially in those areas where there is a need for high-quality Internet connection. A lot of investors wonder about the procedure to open a new cyber café and what is necessary to create one. To legally open such an establishment, you need a cyber cafe license, so here you can discover what to look for if you are interested in this business.

Business licenses

When it comes to the most important registration requirements, you need to have a basic business license for your cyber café. Depending on your particular situation, the documents you may require include a license for a limited liability company, a sole proprietor, or any other type of legal institution. It is important to obtain the necessary license before you sign an agreement with the chosen Internet service provider.

Gaming licenses

Next, you should have the right gaming lounge license depending on the types of activities you will focus on in your establishment. If you plan to offer esports betting or some gambling entertainment, you will need to have a gambling license. If you plan on providing computer and video games only, think about esports arena licenses purchased from game launchers or publishers. The cost of game licenses depends on seasonal sales or popularity of games at a given time.

Tax compliance

In addition to the right cyber cafe registration, you should also pay all the relevant state taxes. Once you create a legal record of your cyber café, you will need to report your business income and pay taxes after all the deductions. When you get a business license, you will receive your employer identification number, so you are able to withhold taxes for your employees.

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Food license

A food license is another important factor that you need to consider when opening a cyber cafe if you plan to serve drinks and food there. You should be aware of all the business licenses you need for selling alcohol, cigarettes, or food. Depending on where your café is located, the healthcare regulations may vary, so you should make sure that you get the right license for esports arena registration in your particular region.

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Additional regulations

Additional regulations may constitute another part of the gaming lounge registration. A space you purchase or rent for a café should be planned according to the safety standards and you should obtain a permit from the fire service. It is also important that you have insurance for your business and the equipment used at your facilities.

All the computers and other pieces of equipment in your café must run on licensed software so that you don’t have any problems with the law. One of the best global software options available right now is SENET — a system that allows you to operate your internet café easily and effectively.


Many gaming fans choose cyber cafes to train for tournaments and have fun. Also, people go there for work and studying. Opening a cyber cafe is not a complicated process but you need to take care of legal documents to make sure that it operates without any problems. You should make sure you pay taxes on time and have all the right business and gaming licenses in place.

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