April 2023 SENET Updates: Bonus Balance, Dashboards and System Improvements
April 2023 SENET Updates: Bonus Balance, Dashboards and System Improvements
Vlad Nazarkin  •  09.05.2023

Greetings, our dear users! In this digest, we are pleased to share with you our latest SENET updates and plans for the near future. Our team has been working on the new Bonus Balance feature, the Dashboards module, and the Loyalty Program for the last month. Now let’s consider each aspect in detail.

Bonus Balance

The development team added the option of customizing the Bonus Balance:

  • setting up bonuses for replenishment or promo codes for registration, the user has a choice on which balance these bonuses will be credited: the main or bonus balance.
  • when deactivating the addon, the settings and functions of this module will be automatically disabled, keeping all the data in the SENET database. The next time this module is activated, all the bonuses on accounts and settings will return to their previous state.


Pretty soon, we’ll be ready to tell you more about the Bonus Balance features. Our team plans to add alternative ways of crediting and receiving bonuses, new possibilities – on what and how they can be spent, as well as a convenient and easy-to-customize bonus management system in general. We do hope that this functionality will improve your club’s loyalty system and give you even more opportunities to reward and interact with your guests.

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We greatly appreciate your constant communication with us. It helps our team to make SENET an up-to-date and trustworthy product. Indeed, sometime after Dashboards was introduced, we received your first feedback, which helped us improve performance, optimize, and fix minor bugs in this module. We trust you will continue using this module, leaving feedback and helping us improve it.

Remember that you can always leave your suggestions or ideas for improving this module directly in the Dashboards tab – in the feedback form. This form sends information from you directly to the development department.

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System Improvements

Over the past month, the team has improved the operation of the Bonus Balance module and the loyalty program, eliminating potential bugs.

The SENET team wants to thank all the customers who regularly share their ideas and impressions about the product with us, leaving them in our Backlog and the feedback forms via CAP. And also for participating actively in our interviews and surveys because it is vital for developing any product.

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